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When you need expert advice on a matter regarding your health, finances or career, it is wise to work with someone Dr. Gillmoreknowledgeable in that specific area. What is better still is when you can find that person who along with providing skill and know how also brings a perspective towards really understanding your situation and exact needs.

With respect to Aviation Medicine, Dr. Trevor Gillmore is uniquely qualified to assist you with your individual needs. Dr. Gillmore is a fully accredited, Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medical Examiner and today serves as a medical support consultant to the Transportation Safety Board. While his flying career in general aviation began 30 years ago, he is also a professional pilot with over 25 years experience for a major Canadian airline and now regularly flies an Airbus A320.


In-depth knowledge of Ministry of Transportation regulations and special requirements, which much be satisfied in order for all Canadian flightcrew members with certain medical conditions to fly

Solid understanding of medications that are acceptable to Transport Canada

Experience in occupational health, preventative medicine, addiction treatment and human factors training

On site EKG, laboratory, audiograms, pulmonary function tests, specialized colour deficiency testing and FAA certification

Expertise in the investigation of aviation and transportation related incidents